Contrasting Faith & Trust

Contrasting Faith & Trust

Faith is an essential element we must have in coming to God and in pleasing God (Hebrews 11:6). Faith is also a necessary ingredient and foundation upon which to build trust in God. It is possible to have faith in God while not trusting Him completely; however, it is impossible to trust God without first having faith in Him. Therefore, faith becomes a preliminary step in establishing trust in God.

Trust is a step beyond and a dimension deeper than faith. Many can believe who cannot trust; therefore, when their faith does not produce the desired results they despair. Trust stabilizes and secures us when we do not receive what we have asked and thought we had faith for. When combined, faith and trust are powerful allies; trust will sustain us in what faith does not deliver us from.

Trust holds faith in place. Doubt displaces faith, while trust resists and gives no place to doubt, thereby anchoring our faith in God. When our faith does not alter our circumstances, trust enables us to accept life as it is. Remember, faith is the catalyst that projects and propels us toward and into trust. When we return faith in God, it will mature into trust; trust then keeps us from becoming bitter when our requests are not granted.

  1. Faith—expects things
    Trust—accepts things.
  2. Faith—produces change
    Trust—submits to unchanged conditions.
  3. Faith—reaches.
  4. Faith—rushes.
  5. Faith—is believing.
    Trust—is knowing.

Trust is a powerful sedative for the soul, calming fears and easing tensions. It enables us to accept life, and walk confidently with God regardless of what happens. Trust is not tender or easily intimidated, and when perfected in us, nothing can daunt it. It is a heat shield against satanic attacks, releasing powerful faith. Never is it affected by the outcome.

Trust is unaffected by environment. War/peace, poverty/prosperity, sickness/health, life/death—all of life’s contrasts , become fuel for trust. It requires no insight; it thrives in crisis, demands no signs, wonders, or miracles in order to operate. Trust is quiet, is youthful, seeks no changes in circumstance, abounds in shadows, reigns in darkness, needs no recognition, wears no crown, and seeks no throne. It is the silent, unseen fortress of the soul for those who possess it.

Trust has no restrictions, limitations or demands; is not predicated on results; lives without ifs, attachments, or amendments. Trust is worry’s treatment, despair’s cure, fear’s remedy, anxiety’s balm, and life’s healer. Oh the truth of the old refrain, “’Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus!”

Job, the epitome of trust, gave his testimony of how he felt about God. May it be yours and mine.

Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.” (Job 13:15)

Crawford Coon


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