A Fresh Start

This is a place where lives are changed and hope is restored. Experience powerful worship, passionate messages and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

How We Help

Our Mission is to know God and make Him known by: Loving People, Making Disciples, and Serving our Community.

We live in a society that is mostly about Me, Myself and I. When we start to make changes, of course we must start with ourselves But once we mature, Jesus said something foreign to us today: He said, “If you want to be truly great…become a servant.” This is a powerful statement when you begin to think about it. If you really want a fresh start and find true happiness, get involved!

Find Hope In Jesus Christ

Jesus loves you so much He died on a cross for you. He wants you to experience the best in life!

Equip Yourself with Truth

The Word of God (The Holy Bible) has answers for every life situation you could find yourself in.

Discover A Good Influence

You have influence. You can either use this to add to or detract from your life.