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Blind Spots

Blind spots.  They naturally occur in the human eye, thankfully because we have two eyes the right and left eye compensate for each other.   The optic nerves for left and right eyes are arranged symmetrically, so that the blind spot of the right eye lies somewhere right of the center of vision, and the…

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Great Risk, Great Faith, Great Reward

Storms of life can, and have derailed our best laid plans.  The unexpected phone call, the myriad of disappointments that blind-side our daily routines, misunderstandings, and unfortunate circumstances all seem to fuel the waves of chaos that sweep over our lives at times. Storms. Life happens to us all, it rains on the Just and the…

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The Call of the Future

For the last several years I have been intrigued by the future, not in a science fiction sort of way, but rather the future as our guide, which is how a vision works for the us.     Of the future, a friend and minister, writes, “…every construct of the Kingdom of the future is…

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